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Тема: The Barter System

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    Exclamation The Barter System

    I am starting this thread for models, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists and others who have need goods or services and are willing to use the barter system instead of cash. Post what you need and what you are willing to trade for the service right here.

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    Bartering rules

    1. Posters are welcome to list any items/services for which they are willing to trade shoot time (anything from frequent flier miles to camera gear to language lessons). However, the list isn't for solicitation for TFP or cash paid shoots. Everyone who is open to barter (photographers/models/MUA/hair/clothing designers/whoever) is welcome to be listed.

    2. Be fair to your fellow posters and be mindful that your offer must be of a similar perceived value to both parties. For random example, if model ~X~ is willing to trade for books and DVDs, it is disingenuous to expect a full day shoot for a single paperback.

    3.This post is merely to facilitate communication and shooting between members. No one is obligated to accept every offer they receive via this list, and all of the basic common sense principles of negotiation, communication and due dilligence you'd use for any other shoot still apply. I am not responsible for personal disputes between members resulting from its use. If you are having a problem or you feel that someone is violating site rules, please contact a mod.

    4. You are welcome to edit your original post in the thread so that your list reflects your current needs/wants. Please try to avoid double posting to add to your list.

    5.post a reply when you no longer are interested in the item or if you have accepted an offer.

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    I would be open to a TFP. I do want to see some photographs (I don't mind if the photographer has a small portfolio, just a few). Also, I would like all pictures at the highest quality on a DVD.

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    Money is used for all trade and services.

    barter was made before money.

    we have money system, why use barter? i don't get that idea.

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    Bartering is making a come back, especially in Greece with the Euro failing. What is it about the system that you do not understand. If I need a makeup case and someone has one and they need an Item that I have we trade off. simple as that

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    Senior Member liduska is on a distinguished road Аватар для liduska
    a good idia ithink

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    Junior Member skyeamato is infamous around these parts Аватар для skyeamato
    Would be interested in bartering! Also in TFP! I think this is a great idea.

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