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Model needed for video sharing

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Model needed for video sharing
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Nov 13 at 06:08 PM
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Dec 31 at 06:00 PM
Trendsteem.com приглашает моделей из сферы моды и красоты создать и запустить собственный видеоканал. Станьте влиятельным инфлуэнзером в м
Event Admins: Channelstreem

-Channelstreem scouting fashion and beauty content creators to start a page on www.trendstreem.com and become International social media celebrity influencers.

-Video channel and videos can be in any language, Trendstreem is global.

-You can collaborate with photographer or we can arrange collaboration with one for you. You can even do it yourself using camera and basic lights or, in outdoor settings, use the hi-res camera of your mobile phone.

-Video topics are listed under category tab on Trendstreem.com

-Your Channel will earn 70% of net Advertising revenue from Ads placed on your videos and channel. It is up to you how you split revenue with videographer if you collaborate with one.

-Revenue is not based on Ads clicks or Ads views rather it is based on 3-12 month contracts. No Click fraud and pay for views.

-You keep any products sent to you to make a video content, in addition to ads revenue.

-You can promote all you’re modeling profiles and pages on the video channel

So much money is made promoting brands on social media. Many famous models found that starting a video channel was highly influential and gained followers and fame internationally.  Would you consider taking this shortcut step to propel your modeling career? You can watch Trendstreem video promo on www.trendstreem.com.

Would love to hear back from your. Please respond to me here if you have interest or questions.